Specialist Energy Services
for multi-sites

Multi-site, multi-supply accounts are notoriously complex and difficult to manage. We offer a full management service for all multi-site businesses to ensure that you are not overpaying for any element of your energy charges.

Incorrect/Estimated Meter Readings

We ensure accurate billing based on actual meter readings and correct estimated bills.

Change of Tenancy

We complete change of tenancy documentation so that accounts are opened/closed with correct details.

Contract Alignment & Renewal

We align the contract end dates of all your sites to streamline the renewal process and obtain more competitive rates and avoid out of contract rates.

Group billing & Reporting

We set up group invoicing and produce customised reports.

Meter Asset Identification

We trace the supply to the correct property, and identify the supplier.

Technical Meter Faults

Equipment malfunction and data interruption.

Bill Validation & Account Reconciliation

Arranging refunds and credits for overcharges, including VAT.

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