Niche cooling technology with up to 40% savings


The Smartcool solution is an optimisation product that significantly reduces energy costs associated with most refrigeration products by optimising the functions associated directly to the compressor or motor of the cooling/heating equipment, reducing run times while still maintaining room set point temperatures, the focus tends specifically to be regarding Chillers, Air conditioning units and Heat Pumps as these are where we can make the biggest and quickest savings. The product is installed back of house without any disruption to front of house (BAU) and typically saves between 20%-30% of the cooling load, Smartcool optimise and gain these savings above and beyond all other control functions.

How does Smartcool work?
Its dead simple! It works by leaning and understanding behavioural patterns of your machine. The systems  software then adds a form of Artificial intelligence (AI) by using algorithms to determined the amount of time the motor should run for whilst preserving  the ambient temperature. It sits on the back of house and is added to the authorised ports and does not invalidate any supplier warrantee’s. We are so confident on the results that the company is able to offer guaranteed of savings!

We are getting so much interest that the Carbon Trust are adding it to their list of approved technologies for Carbon reduction and energy efficiency. The Smartcool solution has been installed in the following locations and businesses, SSE, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Thames Water, EMCOR, Carillion, United Utilities, BAA, The Wates Group, Hilton Hotels and Booker/Makro. While most of these have seen multiple installations, we have also optimised many single locations for smaller independent businesses.

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Saving Energy

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