Invoice validation and Bill assurance

How does it work?

Our attention to details team (ADT) meticulously go through your past and current invoices with a fine tooth comb to identify errors by your energy suppliers.

This is an onerous time consuming task that typically results in us uncovering errors and overpayments of around 15-20% in some case.

• There are no gaps or overlapping periods in the supplier billing.
• Meter exchange details are checked.
• Unit Charges are applied as per the contract terms.
• Fixed Charges are for the correct period.
• Fixed Charges are applied as per the contract terms.
• CCL, FiT & RO are billed correctly.
• Consumption on invoice matches the consumption from meter readings or half hourly data that we source direct from the Data Collector
• Maximum demand does not exceed available supply capacity and advising where this is the case
• Supply capacity does not change
• Data collection charges are not applied by the supplier if a DC agreement is in place with an independent service provider
• Negotiate outstanding debts with your supplier
• Legal assistance advice included if required

For the input and time involved in dealing with Energy Suppliers to administer claims and process historic refunds our standard agreement  is to share equally any monies recovered.

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