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Dennis had a menace of a time increasing energy supplies for his restaurant


Business Owner Zafer Iqbal commented “Energy Renewals have done a fantastic job in project managing the site works, allowing me to concentrate on my business whilst they took care of my businesses’ energy”



Restricted by existing infrastructure with insufficient energy supply and with a growing business, Dennis’s required an increase in on site capacity to supply the three storey property consisting of newly refurbished apartments and a new food retail outlet.


This required managing multiple infrastructure providers on behalf of meter operators, energy suppliers, site works operators and liaising with the local council authorities, led to the appointment of the Energy Renewals expert site works team to undertake the complex project on behalf of Dennis’s restaurant.


Key Achievements
  • The business was proving so popular that they urgently needed to expand the operation but were restricted with limited energy supply coming back to the building.
  • Electricity supply was single phase and they required a 30 Kva three phase supply.
  • There was no gas supply at all to the property.
  • A new clean gas supply was installed to allow essential energy efficient catering equipment to be included in the new business plans.
  • The electricity supply was successfully updated from single to three phase.
  • Dennis’s restaurant successfully completed the business expansion and opened on schedule within the 16 weeks schedule.


Periodic Energy Assessment – PEA

Saved Skanska’s 1-2 New Ludgate project 17% on their energy costs throughout the build. “implementation it was a simple and easy process, which has resulted in a saving of 17% on our monthly bill.”

Tony Boorer – Skanska

What is it?

A unique approach to energy reduction

Key Features
  • Begins with energy supply BEFORE the meter
  • Compares supplier invoiced consumption with what you actually used
  • Identifies savings opportunities and presents the information in an easy way to understand
  • Provides a unique energy insight with zero capital investment
  • Allows you to understand your energy usage to make informed decisions on future Investments
  • Provides you with energy information which can be used to compare similar site

Virgin Active

Energy Ace Solutions gives Virgin Active 4 Months Payback on
Energy Saving Equipment.

Annual Savings Achieved

6.8 tons CO2
5,571 kW/h site
12,620 kW/h inc transmission


4 Months


Removal of reactive power charges
Reduction of 77 amps per phase
Reduction of 55 kVa demand
Improved utility
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