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Periodic Energy Assessment – PEA

Saved Skanska’s 1-2 New Ludgate project 17% on their energy costs throughout the build. “implementation it was a simple and easy process, which has resulted in a saving of 17% on our monthly bill.”

Tony Boorer – Skanska

What is it?

A unique approach to energy reduction

Key Features
  • Begins with energy supply BEFORE the meter
  • Compares supplier invoiced consumption with what you actually used
  • Identifies savings opportunities and presents the information in an easy way to understand
  • Provides a unique energy insight with zero capital investment
  • Allows you to understand your energy usage to make informed decisions on future Investments
  • Provides you with energy information which can be used to compare similar site

Virgin Active

Energy Ace Solutions gives Virgin Active 4 Months Payback on
Energy Saving Equipment.

Annual Savings Achieved

6.8 tons CO2
5,571 kW/h site
12,620 kW/h inc transmission


4 Months


Removal of reactive power charges
Reduction of 77 amps per phase
Reduction of 55 kVa demand
Improved utility
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